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Call us: 855-269-9628

Payment Information

Click the button below to visit the  payment portal.
For verification purposes, the email addresses we use are listed below.

If you would like to discuss the email you received, please feel free to reach out at:

  • 855-269-9628

We are more than happy to provide verification on any email you may receive from us.

All replies are forwarded to

Gain Financial Control and Confidence

Payment Options

You may set up an arrangement by calling 855-269-9628 and setting up your payment by check, credit card, or mail.


If it is your preference you may complete and return the Direct Payment Form by email to or by fax to 718-873-9319. You may request the form via email or phone.

Email or FAX:

If, for any reason, you need to change your arrangement it is our policy to help you as we understand that life can get in the way of fulfilling your obligations. Please understand, it is important you contact us by phone at least 48 hours prior to your payment.

What if I Need to Change my Arrangement

If you wish to view the information online you may log in using your account number and authentication. You will be given a selection of Arrangements so you may select one that works best for you.


Our mailing address is:


Direct Recovery Services

PO Box 14

Two Harbors, MN 55616

We prefer to put all arrangements in writing so if you set up your arrangement by email rather than calling us, please be clear as to the specific amounts and dates so a confirmation letter may be sent. If you would like a hard copy as well, please indicate the best address where the Arrangement Letter and Release Letter may be sent.

We prefer to issue automatic receipts for each payment processed. Please indicate the best email for automatic receipts. If you need to change your arrangement for any reason it is important that your contact our office at least 48 hours prior so we can best accommodate you. A formal release letter will be sent on completion of your arrangement.

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